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One Climate Change, su Second Life


.One Climate

Erano mesi che non trovavo la magia di Second Life in una nuova land.
E, quasi per caso, mi sono imbattuta in One Climate, la land dove si può vivere, in modo immersivo, l'esperienza dei cambiamenti climatici, oggetto della attuale conferenza di Copenaghen.
Come funziona?
Ci si tippa, e si comincia a girare. Questo quello che descrivono con una notecard all'ingresso:
OneClimate aims to be a showcase & portal for earth facts, and a venue for collaboration and education. OneClimate is an initiative of OneWorld UK. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our mission is ‘to leverage media innovatively for a fair and sustainable world’. http://oneclimate.netPlease note that the island is currently in development - we welcome your views.
At the landing point you will find two main routes you can take, plus a filmshow area overlooking the lake. The films are a general overview of some of the key climate issues, including a video of Virtual Bali.The routes take you to;
A. The Arena - where major events and live video feeds happen. Virtual Copenhagen in December!B. The Island Tour - the island is divided into the five elements and zoned according to these as follows, the tour takes you in an anti-clockwise route and brings you back to this point. Green posts give information at each point on the tour. If you want to take a quick tour you can hop on the tandem ride and be guided around (ride to follow!)
1. WATER - two main areas, walk down to the water edge for the wetlands & boats (trips around the island to follow), then walk up the steps and to the bridge where you will find the main water display area. In the far SW corner is the ICE display where you can take a sled ride (soon).
2. FIRE - south, with solar facts, volcano, fire rider & a bonfire dance area. Floating platform meeting & film space.
3. AIR - east, with wind turbines, meeting spaces, fun transport rides, free wind turbines and a typhoon surprise.
4. EARTH - north, peak oil & permaculture food production with picnic area and rainforest rain dance (soon). The Eco-spiral in the corner of the island has lots of freebies and five short films at the top of the spiral - essential viewing! Feel free to have parties here.
5. SPIRIT - centre, transition and enlightenment. Contemplate your world in the English bluebell hollow.

One Climate

Sono appassionati, nel gruppo si legge che non ci sono collegamenti diretti con la conferenza organizzata, ma che si descrive così:
The United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop15) will take place this year in Copenhagen from December 7th through the 18th. The importance of this event cannot be overstated.
This group has been formed as a tool for managing the Expo to take place in SL in conjunction with the RL events.
This group has no direct, legal affiliation with the RL Conference, but operates in the spirit of promoting energy conservation worldwide.
E c'è anche un sito, One Climate, dove seguire i lavori.

one climate change_010

Un amico, che girava la land con me, mi ha detto: "Colpisce sopratutto l'intenzione di portare su SL eventi che con SL non c'entrano nulla (il clima non c'è) ma connessi con le anime degli avatar."
Ed è questa la magia ...

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