mercoledì 10 ottobre 2007

Light entity

... from Allison Dubois "don't kiss them good-bye"

"My teenage years were painful and lonely. People were all around me, but I felt as alone as anyone could be. I also felt as if I sometimes attracted people who had bad energy. I always worry about young people who stand out in crowds because they have an inner light that shines throught. I heard this often as a young person and now I understand it. Dark entities are naturally attracted to light and will try to manipulate it. A dark entity can see a light entity from a mile away. Unfortunately, it's typically harder for light entities to spot dark ones, but with experience they can learn to recognize and avoid them.
Have you ever looked at a recent picture of someone close to you and compared it to one from the past? There is a light that flickers in a young person's eyes that is often extinguished as he ages. The trick is to make sure your light remains strong and bright. It's a reflection of your soul. Never let it be extinguished."

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Il Mari ha detto...

"It's a reflection of your soul. Never let it be extinguished"

L'età è solo un dato anagrafico, il passare del tempo accresce l'esperienza.